Researchers at Canadian Universities

Aboriginal Health Researchers at Canadian Universities is a comprehensive listing of researchers who are affiliated with a Canadian university and have a wide range of expertise related to the health of Aboriginal peoples. These researchers have undertaken some form of research related to the health and well-being of First Nations, Inuit and/or Metis peoples, ranging from one study to a lifetime of work in a particular area.

The names of researchers along with their contact information, university affiliation, focus of Aboriginal health research, and a selection of their publications are listed by theme and location. To view the details of a researcher please click on the name shown in the list to expand the information.

Compiled by the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health, this listing is based on publicly available information on university websites in Canada

Click on the author's name to reveal a list of publications. To request edits to an author's entry, or to request to be added to the database, please email

Aboriginal health researchers

Sylvia Abonyi

Associate Professor Department of Community Health and Epidemiology

University of Saskatchewan elected

Kathy Absolon

Associate Professor Program Coordinator Aboriginal Field of Study

Wilfrid Laurier University

Robert Alexander Innes

Assistant Professor College of Art and Sciences

University of Saskatchewan

Sonia S. Anand

Professor Department of Medicine

McMaster University

Kim Anderson

Associate Professor Indigenous Studies

Wilfrid Laurier University

Marcia Anderson DeCouteau

Assistant Professor Community Health Sciences President – Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada

University of Manitoba

Neil Andersson

Executive Director CIET Canada Principal Scientist Institute of Population Health

University of Ottawa

Aranka Anema

Research Assistant British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/ AIDS

University of British Columbia

Hymie Anisman

Department of Neuroscience

Carleton University

D. Ann Herring

Professor Department of Anthropology

McMaster University

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